Emotionally Intelligent Supervisor Skills

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Program Flow:

  • Two 3-hour classes followed by 2 individual coaching sessions per person.
  • Typical class times are either 9am-noon or 1pm-4pm.
  • It is ideal to schedule Class #2 for 2-3 weeks after Class #1.
  • Minimum class size is 8 people.



In this course..

Leaders will learn skills that are essential for engaging and empowering others. We will discover the most fundamental aspects of other-awareness and good relationship dynamics. We wrap these aspects up into two key communication skills:


Listening fully.
Listening to words being spoken as well as to body language.
Listening for a sense of mood, energy, tone.
Listening for what’s not being said.
Listening with the intent to understand, rather than the primary intent being to reply.

Responding in a way that pulls the person farther into the conversation, rather than shutting the conversation down.
Responding, not with your opinion or idea, but with questions to dig deeper into the other person’s thinking and reasoning process.
Responding in a way that uncovers the needs or wants that are invisibly driving the visible behavior that you are experiencing.
Responding by facilitating a dialogue that:

  • illuminates and clarifies individual expectations
  • eliminates ambiguous language and drives towards concrete clarity
  • ensures alignment and common understanding of decisions made and steps forward
  • values individual perspectives, while seeking the greatest good for the whole

We believe very much in the importance of supporting individual areas of development by providing 1-on-1 coaching sessions post-training classes. This package includes two individual coaching sessions. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed (additional costs apply).

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