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Individual Coaching
Our coaching framework ensures that the coach and the coachee establish a sound and constructive relationship. The coach builds on this relationship throughout engagement, teaching positive change strategies, challenging & supporting coachee in a manner that encourages the stretch needed for development. While every engagement is custom designed to the participant, our coaching follows this basic framework:

  • Initial session to get to know one another and ensure fit.
  • Discovery Data, which includes:
    • Coachee Self-Discovery Worksheet
    • Emotional Intelligence assessment
    • 360-degree feedback gathered via interviews between coach and a sample from executive’s peers and direct reports (approx. 8 individuals interviewed)*
  • Using Discovery Data results, coachee & coach outline learning goals and desired outcomes from coaching engagement.
  • One-on-one, confidential telephonic coaching sessions, 2 per month, 45-minutes per session for a period of at least 4-12 months.
  • Coach observation or “shadowing” of coachee for part of a day.
  • Two 3-way sessions that include coach, coachee, and coachee’s immediate boss. 1st session early in the engagement to review learning goals and outcomes; 2nd session after approx. 3 months to review progress, goals, and modify as necessary.
  • An approach that is grounded in the neuroscience of emotional intelligence, employee motivation, and leadership effectiveness blended with the art of relationship systems coaching and positive change theories.

* Note: If 360-data has been gathered on participant within previous 6-months, we do not need to repeat the process. Coach will need to be provided with a copy of coachee’s feedback report.

Team Coaching
Coaching in a group setting is Powerful! Learning is multipled, awareness & sensitivity towards one another is greatly enhanced, and accountability actually happens!

  • Provides the structure for team members to work on the business of being a team and the opportunity to go beyond current abilities.
  • The forum for team members to openly discuss what’s working and what’s not working, with regard to their group dynamics as well as team results/achievements.
  • Help the team identify common group behaviors & patterns of interaction. Guide the process of bringing greater intention to team & interpersonal relationships.
  • Raise awareness to differences in perception and thinking, providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly.
  • Discuss individual needs & expectations. Create “team agreements” for how team members want to partner with each other moving forward.
  • Foster peer-to-peer accountability and openness with one another about individual areas of responsibility.
  • Regularly review goals, commitments made to one another, provide support and accountability in meeting goals.


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Coaching prices vary depending on length of engagement, number of people (for team coaching), and assessments utilized.  Please complete the form below or contact us for a quote.
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