Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto for a Conversation Revolution. Positively revolutionizing the way we communicate, connect & relate with one another.


Be intentional. Live your life by design, not by default.

Live simply – Less stuff, more relationship.

Stand for something more.

Listen. Shhhh. Listen.

Set boundaries and make them clear to others.

More asking, less telling.

Replace complaints with respectful requests.

Let go of judgment. Stay open to new possibilities.

Pay attention to your thoughts. You create your reality from the messages you tell yourself throughout the day.

Focus on the positive, within yourself and others.

Be kind to everyone.

Acknowledge their strengths (and yours).

Check the assumptions that create your story.

The limiting beliefs of others do not have to be yours.

Be humble. Be appreciative. Be grateful.

Let go of your fear.

Open your heart. Risk loving.

Own your gifts and talents. You are unique from every other soul on the earth.

Ask for what you need. Take a stand for yourself.

Ensure your inner chatter is affirmative.

Receive gracefully. Say thank you.

Forgive frequently.

Expect miracles. They are everywhere.

Start with compassion.

Love extravagantly.