Leadership Team building

Building Great Teams, sled dogs


Great teams don’t happen,         they are developed.


Building a great team results from skill-building, practice, integration and reinforcement of new learning with intention and consistency.

Exceptional leaders invest the time and energy not only making behavioral shifts as a group, but individually as well. Companies that achieve the highest levels of performance are invested in an ongoing, team building process – one that keeps the conversation alive and the momentum building – to assess the unexpected roadblocks they encounter and  take their skills ever higher.

Research reveals that a team building session alone can increase productivity up to 28%.  And a teambuilding session followed by ongoing support for individuals to integrate desired behaviors can increase productivity up to 88%!

Our typical leadership team building format looks like:

  • Discovery process including assessments to learn about the team climate, team’s goals, individual leader styles
  • Initial-offsite session
  • Commitment to a Shared Vision and a Designed Partnership Alliance
  • Monthly team coaching sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Follow-up offsite session

Our team building initiatives will help your leadership team:

  • Align around and commitment to a shared vision and shared goals
  • Foster more positive and productive team relationships
  • Engage in skillful communication, which includes a LOT OF LISTENING
  • Minimize ambiguity and learn to hold each other accountable
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue – even ‘conflict’ – around the issues that matter most
  • Create a trusting, collaborative climate capable of delivering extraordinary team results
  • Foster a positive culture throughout the organization, leading to happy, productive, engaged team members

“Given the small capacity of working memory, many small bites of learning, digested over time, are more efficient than large blocks of time spent in workshops. The key is getting people to pay sufficient attention to new ideas.” David Rock, The Neuroscience of Leadership

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