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Women Leaders, footprint in sandExecutive women who are committed to being transformational leaders have an additional set of challenges. They must get beyond the negative workplace myths that swirl around women leaders. They have had to develop a tough skin that sometimes is reflected as a lack of compassion. When they show compassion, they may be viewed as being “weak”. They have played hardball but don’t want that to be the signature story of their leadership. They want to be authentic. Most of all, they want to be leaders who develop the talent of their company so they can prove that amazing results are possible through their brand of leadership.

Women can learn to harness their immense wisdom and power in ways that create a positive magnetism; a way of being in which the old tags disappear. They ignite their teams with their vision and their ability to hone the strengths of every member of their organization.

Essential Shift’s work with women leaders includes:

  • 1-on-1 Executive & Leader Development
  • Small coaching groups (5-8 women per group)
    • Groups meet bi-weekly for a period of 6-12 months
    • Powerful setting for personal development, deep connection, and the strong support of other women leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and skill-building
  • Retreats (2-3 days)
    • for the women leaders from the same organization to come alongside one another, learn together, and connect with the breadth & depth of your collective wisdom and experiences
  • Speaking engagements from a lunch-and-learn format to keynote addresses
    • Topics include “Female Edge: Claim Your Powerful Presence”; “It’s Too Loud! Quiet Your Inner Critic to Amplify Your Success”; and “Essential Renewal: Resiliency Is A Leadership Imperative”

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